FCI Name:   Abby Four love Zonanona
Calling name:   Abby
Sex:   Female
DOB:   21-06-2017
FCI-pedigree:   Yes NHSB 3088239
Weight:   28Kg
Health:   Abby is in good health.
Hips & Ellbows: Offical HD-A & ED-free
Back: 100%
DM free
Description:                   Abby is a beautiful pigmented female from outstanding lines. She is a very social female that has given birth to a beautiful & healthy litter of 8 pups (Natural mating and natural welphing without intervention, also she was a very good mother)
Likes to be petted by adults and kids.Good with other dogs. She is used inside the house and in a kennel. Ze is housebroken. 
Abby has some training done in KNPV excersises (heeling, jumping). She has good ball & fooddrive. She has a nice bite on the sleeve. In training and in high drive she can be reactive when her ball / sleeve is taken away.
Nice prospect for sports, protection, breeding & familydog.
More info will follow
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