Calling name:   Sniper
Pedigree name:   Kazan v.d. Lobo Hoeve
Sex:   Male
DOB:   25-05-2019
Height:   around 63 cm
Weight:   29 Kg 
FCI-pedigree:   Yes, NHSB 3160421
Health   Hips, elbows and spine Xrays are very good (high res pictures available).
Teeth are complete and in very good condition
Sniper has 2 testicles

Sniper is a social, clam and loving dog. He used to live on a dairyfarm before he came to us.
He wants to work and obey. Altough he is not super experience in bitework that is a thing he really likes to do and het is very good at..
Sniper is crate trained and also very social with other dogs. 
We started  working on obedience and bitework (as you can see in the clips).
More info will follow

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