After years of trying and testing we found a manufacturer that meets our requirements and has the same toughts about food as we do: Good honest food with an excellent price/quality ratio.

As you probably know there are two different production methods of dry dogfood. Expanding/extruding and pressing/pelleting. The biggest difference between these two forms is the absolute temperature during the production. During expanding/extruding the temperature rises to far above 100° Celsius thanks to the pressure and added heat. Because of that the food is so to speak "baked" and the hard crispy pellets arise. During pressing/pelleting the temperature does not rise above 75° Celsius.
In the early days of expanding the motivation to do so was to increase the digestibility of the carbohydrates (grains). But nowadays it is possible to pre-cook the grains in advance and because the digestibility of the other raw material (proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and trace elements) will not be increased by expanding or extruding.
As mentioned above the temperature rises enormously during expanding/extruding. It is well-known out of human food, this has negative consequences to certain raw materials. The fats are especially sensitive of heating over 100° Celsius, as well as certain vitamins (like B complex). When fats are being baked (above 100° Celsius) many free fatty acids arise whom have a negative influence on the metabolism (liver). This is the cause of many skin and coat problems. This fat alteration does not occur as a result of pressing.
Sadly enough not everything you can make as a pressed food. Also some people don't like the idea of pressed food. So to complete our food program we also added proven receipes of extruded dogfood (the croc active, lamb/rice and the energy).
We strongly believe that keeping it simple is the best way to approach things. Also with dogfood. That's why we don't have tons of different recipes.

Sigma Premium Active and Puppy premium are pressed dogfood and contains no chemical substances or additives such as antioxidants, preservatives, colourings, fragrances, taste substances and contains no binders. Sigma Premium natural healthy dog food distinguishes itself by the high purity of the natural raw ingredients used, resulting in a high natural value of the proteins and a high digestibility. Also there is salmon oil added and preserve tfe food there are only natural anti-oxidants used.

Sigma croc Active is an extruded dogfood and is escpecially made for the customers who don't like the pressed chucks and like to give the dog more 'volume'. 

Sigma lamb/rice is an extruded premium dogfood based on a well thought-out and proven recipe, rich in lamb (more than 12%) and rice, making the food especially easy to digest. The biscuits have been extruded and do not contain any ingredients that are difficult to digest, such as wheat or soy. This makes Lamb & Rice ideal for dogs with certain allergies and/or digestive problems. It is also a complete, easily digestible food for normal, healthy dogs. The salmon oil improves the digestion of fats and gives your dog a beautiful, glossy coat. 

Sigma Energy is an extruded premium dogfood based on a well thought-out recipe for dogs who need more, like every active dogs, dogs that are recovering and broodbitches.