Sigma Premium Puppy is a pressed premium food for pups and young dogs. 

The sensitive growth period of medium to large breed puppies requires a diet that’s rich in proteins to support developing muscles, yet limited in carbohydrate to manage weight. That's why Sigma Premium puppy is loaded with chicken and whole eggs. Prepared from the best and freshest ingredients Premium puppy is guaranteed to keep your puppy healthy, happy and strong. Only natural anti-oxidants are used to preserve this premium food. 

Grains, meat (chicken) and animal derivates, eggs & eggproducts, derivatives of vegetable origin, oils (salmon) and fats, yeast, vitamins and minerals, glucosamine and chondroitine. 




running pup    Analyse:  Crude Protein  28% Additives/Kg:    Vitamin A 15000 IU 
Crude Fat 16% Vitamin D3 1500 IU
Crude Ash 6,2% Vitamin E 150 IU
Crude Fiber 4,0% Vitamin C 75mg
Moisture 10% Copper 7mg
Calcium (Ca) 1,2% Iron 53mg
Phosper (P) 0,9% Zinc 75mg
Manganese 35mg
Jodium 1,5mg
Selenium 0,45mg
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