Sigma Premium Active is a balanced premium food. It is suitable for normally active to active (sporting) dogs. The high nutritional value means that a relatively small portion of Premium Active will help keep your dog in top condition. Perfect for sporting and working dogs that are required to perform under mentally and physically strenuous circumstances, working, training and in competition. Thanks to the easily digestible, quality fats and proteins, Premium active provides the high-energy content that these dogs need. Their stamina improves, as does their performance and recovery after (great) exertion. The balanced composition has a positive effect on stress and stress susceptibility in dogs. Salmon oil ensures an even better and faster digestion of fats, releasing a higher concentration of useful energy and giving your dog a beautifully glossy coat.
Premium Active is the food we give to our adult dogs. 

Grains, meat (chicken) and animal derivates, derivatives of vegetable origin, oils and fats, yeast, vitamins and minerals.

Analyse:  Crude Protein 26%       Additives/Kg:    Vitamin A 15000 IE       premium pressed 26 16
Crude Fat 16% Vitamin D3 1500 IE
Crude Ash 5,6% Vitamin E 150 mg
Crude Fiber 4,4% Vitamin K3 3mg
Moisture 10% Vitamin B1 15mg
Calcium (Ca) 1,2% Vitamin B2 8mg
Phosper (P) 1,0%  Niancine 50mg
 Panthotheenzuur 18mg
Vitamin B6 6mg
Vitamin B12 50mcg
Biotine 1500mcg
Choline chloride 1500mg
Foliumzuur 2mg
Vitamin C 75mg