Sigma Premium Lamb/rice is a balanced extruded food rich in lamb and rice, making the food very easy to digest. The recipe has proven itselfs over many years. The biscuits do not contain any ingredients that are difficult to digest, such as wheat or soy. This makes Premium Lamb & Rice ideal for dogs with certain allergies and/or digestive problems. It is also a complete, easily digestible food for normal, healthy dogs. The lecithin improves the digestion of fats and gives your dog a beautiful, glossy coat.

Rice flour (min. 25%), Lamb meal (min 12%), chicken meal, corn meal, animal fat, beetpulp, eiwithydrolisaat of chicken, egg powder, lecithin, dicalcium phosphate, fructo-oligosaccharides, vitamins and minerals

Analyse:  Crude Protein 26%             Additives/Kg:    Vitamin A 20000 IE lamb en rice premium
Crude Fat 14% Vitamin D3 1500 IE
Crude Ash 8,0% Vitamin E 170 mg
Crude Fiber 2,0% Vitamin K3 5,4mg
Moisture 8,5% Vitamin B1 9,1mg
Calcium (Ca) 1,4% Vitamin B2 5,6mg
Phosper (P) 1,0% Vitamin B6 40mg
Vitamin B12  40mcg
Vitamin C 50mg
Niancin 40mcg
Biotin 160mcg
Choline chloride 500mg
Folic acid 5,8mg
Panthotheenzuur 19mg
Copper 5mg
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