Calling name:   Rico
Sex:   Male
DOB:   may 1, 2018
Height:   around 64cm
Weight:   28Kg
Health:   Rico has an excellent health. Xrays of hips, back  & elbows are excellent (high res pictures available) 
Rico is an intact male.
FCI-pedigree:   No

Rico is a very open, happy & social dog. Rico is easy to handle, eager to work and has no handler agression.
He has tons of potential for sporting/working dog but also very suited for homeprotection/companiondog. His has good functional obedience, very good bite work and excellent nosework. 
Excellent dog for people who want a very high quality sportsdog who is also a familymember.
Rico used to live inside a house with small kids, he is housebroken (also in the kennel). Inside the house he is calm dog with good manners.

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